The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Best is Yet to Come

If I had to coach-mentor a leader of men what would I say? If leadership is about realizing a vision and making dreams actual, how would I live? Self-actualization is about living your fullest potential. So how then could I be a self-actualizing leader?
My job would be enabling and empowering all around me to be their highest and best while achieving their dream!

An observer commented about one of his peers. He said, "Your style of leadership is directional. You tell. You leave no space for creativity and personal potential. And if people should disagree, then what?"

I was taken aback. If that wasn't judgmental, what was? It seemed to me the accuser was guilty of the same!

That encounter made me think. What exactly is my leadership style - am I also directional?
Am I consultative? Or would others see me as weak --- wishy - washy. Directionless!
Worse still and heaven forbid, selfish. Was I all about ME???

So I read a "Crash Course" on LEADERSHIP by Walk The Talk, a favorite website of mine.
I learned:

The 10 most important words:
“What can I do to help you be more successful?”

The 9 most important words:
“I need you to do this, and here’s why…”

The 8 most important words:
“That’s my mistake and I will fix it.”

The 7 most important words:
“My door is always open to you.”

The 6 most important words:
“Let’s focus on solving the problem.”

The 5 most important words:
“You did a great job!”

The 4 most important words:
“What do YOU think?”

The 3 most important words:
“Follow my lead.”

The 2 most important words:
“Thank You.”

The MOST important word:

And so as I step back from myself and know that if my intention is all about being my best and living my highest potential, there's a dance I must do. Before I become an expert dancer, there are steps and stages, attitudes and beliefs I need to change, levels of fitness I must groom within my mind-body-emotion, that will allow me to be all that I want to be:
Flexible / Graceful / Strong / before I get to live from that Inspired platform.

Hey! I wanted to talk about leadership and I've ended up talking about myself. Odd? Not really.
For no one can really inspire leadership if one cannot lead themselves.
For who would follow anyone un-inspiring? Who would give up time for anything weaker than themselves?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some guys have all the luck

Ever felt passed over? Like God looked and disapproved, everything about life is going so badly? Try as hard as you might, but nothing seems to be going according to plan.

At first, you're cool. It's fine. Things'll get better, you think. The Universe has a plan. Two months down the track and you're still struggling with the same stuff, only now you're worn down and your head feels like it's about to burst. You're wearing your heart around your knees at the minute and think, "heck, what the hell's wrong with me?" Only there's nothing wrong with you, it's the rest of the world.

Define "going so badly?" Well, stuff happening that doesn't fit with my self-image. I'm not Mother Teresa you know. Church says, love thy neighbor. Forgive thine enemy. Heck, that's difficult stuff. After all, I'm spirit trapped in this body so that I can experience thought as feeling and for that I've been given the physical form. Not easy Papa. (I'm looking heavenward) Can barely understand, let alone do.

Where is the guilt coming from? Who's doing the actual punishing? I'm looking around and going, How come the guys that don't have conscience are getting away with murder? Sociopaths all. They're having fun. So unfair. Steal from me. Lie to me. Bad-mouth me. Use me. And get off scott free.

If I were operating from a higher consciousness, what would I be doing/thinking? I'm thinking --- how can I be less affected by all this shit? People will be people. Crooks will do what crooks do. Is it my job to change them? Couldn't if I tried.

What then? Organize myself so I don't stress with nonsense. Allow. Let people be. Let them be who they are; express themselves in the way they best know how - even if its not like me. Go back to the place where I know all things are just. Go back to Source where all things are one.
Cease the separation of good v bad, the duality of right and wrong, light and dark, pure and corrupt.

For what is not of God is an illusion. What is not of God is unreal. So I will adjust my thoughts so that I can experience the right kind of emotion --- The definition of emotion is: thought attached to a feeling. Yes, that's what I'll do. That's what I'll work on from now on.