The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Friday, July 23, 2010

To Inspire the Courage Confidence & Freedom To Live Your Best Life

Recently I wondered. When I do something, is it about me - is it about what I want to achieve, is it about my audience, or is it about something larger than that, something beyond me?

The easy answer, the most obvious projection is, yes it is. After all, I'm the one doing it, aren't I? I'm the one involved. I'm the one motivated. That is, I'm the one with the motive. I'm the one who's driven. Driven to achieve something. And so I take action. Sometimes frighteningly massive action.

But who's actually doing the driving? Often it doesn't feel like it's coming from me. I know I feel it. But it doesn't feel like it's me at all.

Why am I putting myself "out there?" I put my neck on the line - my reputation, my credibility, my energy... all so personal to me... to achieve what? What do I want?

Just like you I want happiness and peace and to live my best life. And I could do that so many other ways. Easier ways. Cheaper ways. There are moments when I think, "you couldn't pay me enough!" But there I am doing it anyway.

It goes back to the highest of human needs - of wanting to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It comes from wanting more... to experience, to express, to enjoy, to enable, to push our personal limits and go where we haven't gone before.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. I think the real mother of invention is our need to be our best selves, to live our best lives. And so we work to create. With our personal excellence, our innate genius, our God-given gifts and talents, skills and capabilities, we constantly work to invent, engineer, and design our lives so that we keep pushing the boundaries of our personal power and potential.

It's as if the gifts we were given were pushing forward... and we keep inventing to silence the drive. "It" pushes as if to say, the only way to happiness and peace and success is to keep inventing.

In the doing is our best life in the making. What are you doing that's not about you?

Standing on the shoulders of giants_Nishita-ji

This woman cannot make a clumsy movement. She cannot make a face other than one that projects peace. When in her presence everything becomes calmer, as if covered by a cloud of comfort.

Suddenly I feel the size of a pinhead. Everything becomes immaterial. The only thing important is understanding, acceptance, and peace.

Nishita-ji begins to speak to the crowd gathered to listen to her. She begins by saying:

Eternal Father Mother of the Universe. This is as far as I can go. From here I shall await your grace to lift me up to a place that on my own I cannot hope to go.

She closes her eyes for a moment before she opens them to look around the room. She smiles and begins to speak.
All wisdom, all compassion, all strength, all sacrifice.

She speaks for 1 hour then pauses to review her points with us. No notes. No struggle. All smooth. Then she continues speaking for another hour and time flows --- just as she flows. As smooth as silk.

So this is why the Bible says, "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away."

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Let there be peace on earth. And let it begin with you and me.

Standing on the shoulders of giants_Michelle Duval

How do you listen so well that you develop the ability to hear what's not being said? I learned this skill from Master Coach Michelle Duval.

Michelle is just in her 30s and known as one of the best coaches in the world. Her ability to get people to take action, and transform their lives for the better is phenomenal and known the world over. She does this simply by bringing your awareness to your present state and then by facilitating the process of what must be done to get to your desired state.

"What is it that you're not saying?" Michelle asked when I finished introducing myself. "I wonder why you didn't make reference to your life before that?"

With her questions I went deeper and deeper within myself. And the understandings came. The realizations happened. And the path was paved for new beginnings.

To the degree we are dishonest with others and especially with ourselves, to that level we are unable to live with courage, confidence, and freedom. Courage comes from facing our fears. Confidence comes from doing and perfecting. Freedom comes from choice. Choice is the power to choose our thoughts, feelings, speech, and behavior, no matter what the circumstance. Freedom to respond instead of slavery to other people's point of view, their whims and fancies.

So listen well. Don't be afraid to hear the truth. Especially your own.
I wish you your best life.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carpe Diem

It means to seize the day. It means to have the eye for seeing opportunities. Having the mind open and ready and willing... to accept... newness - new styles, new perspectives, new energy, new beginnings. It means having the poise and posture of someone in readiness... to seek, to act, to co-create.

Opposite of this? Passivity. Lethargy. Fixed-ness. Closed-ness. No room for maneuvering anything. No vantage to check perspective. No wish for change. No will for movement.

Therefore no momentum, no dynamism. Monotone.

It begins with the intention to want more - life, experience, expression. It requires that these mean enough for you to check your platform. They say luck is when readiness meets opportunity. How ready are you to seize the day?

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Step Back Skill

Today on Lite FM 105.7 we discussed one of the most fundamental Neuro - Semantic skills - the step back skill. The basis of which is human beings have this amazing ability to think about our thoughts, reflect upon our feelings, review and analyze our actions. The process is virtual and never ending.

Every time we ask, "What was that about?" or "Wonder what I was thinking?" or "Assuming they will do that, let's see how we could..." we are stepping back. And when we do, we gain perspective. We buy ourselves time-space to respond in ways that benefit us and are to our best advantage.
Flip side? We charge in like a bull in a China shop. Whatever comes, comes. Wanna risk it?

Do you know we could also get other people to step back? We do this when we facilitate their sense of awareness about something, when we get them to consider other options, when we ask them to think about what the consequences may be, given their speech and actions.

How powerful is that! It's an amazing experience being a Neuro-Semantic coach.

I'm a Hypnotist!

See picture of me and Cal Banyan. Cal is my hypnosis teacher. He could "put you out" within 5 seconds! Cal is a Master Hypnotist.

When I told friends I was a hypnotist I said, "Don't close your eyes. I won't put you into a deep deep trance where suddenly you begin feeling extremely comfortable and relaxed and you want to tell me what you feel. That's right. You just want to feel relaxed because it makes you feel good. Naturally.

Get comfortable. Get relaxed. You will go only because you want to go... relaxed and comfortable and feel so good... because you know, don't you, that life can be stressful. And feeling relaxed is such a treat, isn't it? So when I say, "Don't close your eyes, don't sink into your chair," you agree and you nod your head to say you feel alright. And it feels good to feel right...

Friday, July 16, 2010

About Genius n Stuff

The man at the top is Dr Michael Hall. "The" man amongst the many is Dr Michael Hall.
He's the man who taught me everything I know about Neuro - Semantics and Self - Actualization. He's my guru. The rest of us "others" are all students compared to Michael. Michael is the master.

Michael is the master in so many ways. He wrote every book on Neuro-Semantics there is that's worth reading. I've read them (all 40 of them) and I still don't know everything. He's streets ahead of the best in the world. Man, he developed this stuff off the best in the business. And he's still breaking limits.

Nuff praise. Now truth.
He lives his stuff. This man is congruent. He walks his talk. He practices what he preaches.
He lives from the inside out. Probably why he has a massive following in 100 countries.
It's no shit that we all make a better living by practicing what Michael teaches us.

This man taught me about integrity.
And I hold myself to higher standards because I want to belong in the "upper echelons" of power. Personal power, that is. I want to be a member of Michael's Institute of Neuro-Semantics - a member in good standing - no less.

Michael says, "Genius... we all have it. What do you do that when you do it, time goes away, the world stands still and in those moments you're so sharply focused, present, engaged... life seems to flow with ease and joyful bliss?"

For more Michael go to or

Fit to Fly

Check out the bod on this bloke.
He happens to be my personal trainer.
See the image of us warming up by my poolside.

Before you go ga-ga, think.
What kind of training gives a guy this kind of trim. What state of mind produces this state of physique. Yeah. Now you think, "gawd how much pain."

Not unless you enjoy it. (He actually likes working out)

So I thought I was big on mind over matter. I thought I had self - control in my pocket.
When your knees are about to buckle and you're one breath short of suffocating, when your body wants to scream, "Please... Enough!" QunLing says, "Gimme 50 more."

Straight face. No pity.
What I see I'll describe as constructive ruthlessness. Get off your butt iron-fistedness. Or else. And I break my old limits every time. How? In terms of endurance. More strength. Certainly more self - satisfaction. Unless of course I keel over like a pathetic mass of protoplasm (which I have done by the way)

QunLing: So tomorrow 8am? See you. And off he goes.
Bathing in sweat, I wipe down. I know I'd be ready and waiting.

Friday, July 9, 2010

5-Star claim but sub - standard service

Malaysia is termed a "developing" nation. According to some criteria, we haven't quite yet arrived at fully - developed nation status. Then there are the advanced economies - those that design lifestyles, trends, and culture the world follows. The G-8, for example. Okay so the better gauge of power and control now is the G-20. But superpowers have ways to stay on top.

So what's this about "developing" and all? For one, we have a low per capita income. Then our facilities aren't at the leading edge of sophistication. Like our public loos and public transport systems. The most important factor I'd say, is the attitude. Just like you can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink, we can drive people to live in cities but you can't take the "kampung" out of them. Kampung => rural. Rural as in backward.

I was recently at a 5-star hotel. 5-star joints promote their 5-star food, their 5-star service, and of course, charge their 5-star prices. Throughout my experience, I felt disappointed --- I could barely see the food on my plate the portions were so small, and the staff could barely understand what I wanted. Nevertheless, the bill was disproportionate to the serving size.

I wonder what my countrymen are about sometimes. Okay maybe we were in a continental restaurant, perhaps I should've gotten a translator to read my menu, I could've grilled the chef about his cooking style --- but at best, it was what I'd label "pseudo" cuisine. The food was pretending to be French, the restaurant was pretending to be continental, the bill was certainly no reflection of the 5-star quality the place brazenly touted.

Now certain hotels aggressively promote their "elite" member status. Black card. Gold card. Platinum card etc. Except that when you present your plastic, they look at you ruefully and say, "I'm afraid what you've ordered doesn't fall in that category --- it's already on the specials." Or the classic one is, "Not on special occasions like today." And your guests look at you as if you're some kind of cheap skate.

Oh no I'm not falling into this booby trap. I'm a member so give me my privileges. Have I bought you a right to intimidate me, embarrass me, or out-smart me? No way! Not me. I'm all for fair is fair.

If what you see isn't what you get, then ask. Ask till you get an answer you're satisfied with. Or ask the nearest consumer association to intervene. Make sure consumerism doesn't make a fool out of you. Make sure you get value for your money. What's wrong with that?

Should we be embarrassed to get our money or money's worth?
I think the cheapo - s are the ones who aim to cheat.