The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fit to Fly

Check out the bod on this bloke.
He happens to be my personal trainer.
See the image of us warming up by my poolside.

Before you go ga-ga, think.
What kind of training gives a guy this kind of trim. What state of mind produces this state of physique. Yeah. Now you think, "gawd how much pain."

Not unless you enjoy it. (He actually likes working out)

So I thought I was big on mind over matter. I thought I had self - control in my pocket.
When your knees are about to buckle and you're one breath short of suffocating, when your body wants to scream, "Please... Enough!" QunLing says, "Gimme 50 more."

Straight face. No pity.
What I see I'll describe as constructive ruthlessness. Get off your butt iron-fistedness. Or else. And I break my old limits every time. How? In terms of endurance. More strength. Certainly more self - satisfaction. Unless of course I keel over like a pathetic mass of protoplasm (which I have done by the way)

QunLing: So tomorrow 8am? See you. And off he goes.
Bathing in sweat, I wipe down. I know I'd be ready and waiting.

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