The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Friday, July 16, 2010

About Genius n Stuff

The man at the top is Dr Michael Hall. "The" man amongst the many is Dr Michael Hall.
He's the man who taught me everything I know about Neuro - Semantics and Self - Actualization. He's my guru. The rest of us "others" are all students compared to Michael. Michael is the master.

Michael is the master in so many ways. He wrote every book on Neuro-Semantics there is that's worth reading. I've read them (all 40 of them) and I still don't know everything. He's streets ahead of the best in the world. Man, he developed this stuff off the best in the business. And he's still breaking limits.

Nuff praise. Now truth.
He lives his stuff. This man is congruent. He walks his talk. He practices what he preaches.
He lives from the inside out. Probably why he has a massive following in 100 countries.
It's no shit that we all make a better living by practicing what Michael teaches us.

This man taught me about integrity.
And I hold myself to higher standards because I want to belong in the "upper echelons" of power. Personal power, that is. I want to be a member of Michael's Institute of Neuro-Semantics - a member in good standing - no less.

Michael says, "Genius... we all have it. What do you do that when you do it, time goes away, the world stands still and in those moments you're so sharply focused, present, engaged... life seems to flow with ease and joyful bliss?"

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