The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Friday, July 23, 2010

To Inspire the Courage Confidence & Freedom To Live Your Best Life

Recently I wondered. When I do something, is it about me - is it about what I want to achieve, is it about my audience, or is it about something larger than that, something beyond me?

The easy answer, the most obvious projection is, yes it is. After all, I'm the one doing it, aren't I? I'm the one involved. I'm the one motivated. That is, I'm the one with the motive. I'm the one who's driven. Driven to achieve something. And so I take action. Sometimes frighteningly massive action.

But who's actually doing the driving? Often it doesn't feel like it's coming from me. I know I feel it. But it doesn't feel like it's me at all.

Why am I putting myself "out there?" I put my neck on the line - my reputation, my credibility, my energy... all so personal to me... to achieve what? What do I want?

Just like you I want happiness and peace and to live my best life. And I could do that so many other ways. Easier ways. Cheaper ways. There are moments when I think, "you couldn't pay me enough!" But there I am doing it anyway.

It goes back to the highest of human needs - of wanting to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It comes from wanting more... to experience, to express, to enjoy, to enable, to push our personal limits and go where we haven't gone before.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. I think the real mother of invention is our need to be our best selves, to live our best lives. And so we work to create. With our personal excellence, our innate genius, our God-given gifts and talents, skills and capabilities, we constantly work to invent, engineer, and design our lives so that we keep pushing the boundaries of our personal power and potential.

It's as if the gifts we were given were pushing forward... and we keep inventing to silence the drive. "It" pushes as if to say, the only way to happiness and peace and success is to keep inventing.

In the doing is our best life in the making. What are you doing that's not about you?

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