The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Your Place in The World

See how small children behave. They have difficulty staying focused. Their eyes dart from here to there and anywhere action or movement distracts them. They could be entertained and chuckling one moment, bawling their eyes out the next.

Notice how animals behave. They use their noses, their eyes, their ears, their tongues -- sniff, sniff! They paw at things, they buzz around. It's my sense they're ever ready to play to the gallery. It's my sense they're not settled into themselves but dependent on their environment -- whether up or down, it's not within their control.

But we are different. So superior. Our thoughts, feelings, and behavior is well within our control. In fact, we have the power to control our environment. Our energy can calm or it could stir. We could be rabble - rousers or we could be peace makers.

To be fully aware and fully present and engaged, drop your awareness from your "outer senses" into your body. Take your consciousness and let it sink right into your heart and lungs. Let your beingness fill your gut. Let this presence fill you so that you have a real sense you "own your space." Feel how centered that makes you? Notice how you stabilize... flushing out the chaos, the uncertainty. Let spirit take you.

Now let your energy shine out. Imagine a beam of light coming from your belly and whoosh! Right out into the world. You... and everything around you becomes enveloped in this light. Whoosh! Like a moonbeam. Heck, like laser beams!

That's your spirit, your energy. That's your passion. That's your power. That's your personality. That's who you really and truly are.

You were meant for greatness. Now go and light up the universe.

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