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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants_Dato L Krishnan

Dato L Krishnan is Malaysia's first movie producer. He created cinema culture here in the 1960s.
In the flesh he is mild mannered, humble, kind, and generous. Big - hearted is how I'd describe this man, who is an icon of selflessness and contribution to society.

Krish as I fondly call him, has taught me many invaluable lessons. The main one is non-judgement. The second, acceptance. The third, tolerance. The fourth, humility. Fifth, truthfulness. Sixth, righteousness. Seventh, dedication... The list is never ending.

I say all who stand before this great soul are like chalk. There is simply no comparison between chalk and cheese, is there?

Selfless giving marks Dato Krishnan's birthday every year when he hosts hundreds of orphans and less fortunate children to a day out complete with goodies and gifts.

When my life is past, I want to be a fraction of what this man is. Loved by all, revered by the leaders, and followed by the masses. Dato Krish is a beacon of light to the world. His fiery heart and willing hands have led me, guided me, smacked me, and protected me --- I love him dearly as a father, guru, and a friend.

Krish, you occupy a special place in my heart. No one could ever replace you.

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