The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Friday, August 27, 2010

Good to Great

When small change adds up to big difference, I call that "transformation." Since my divorce I've been questioning, challenging, and clarifying my sense-of-self. I've wanted to realize and actualize my personal strengths, that's right, who I am on my own. Not as a part of a pair, but as a woman coming into her own. Own what? Own right, own being. Not having, not doing... Just being.
Yes, how strong is that woman.

I notice the amount of change in myself. I no longer recognize the old me. I feel her in me, yes. She was a part of who I was. She is a fragment of my past, she doesn't exist anymore. And then I notice all the change this new me has caused --- all around me things are changing, evolving, transforming. Because of me, things are improving, people are dreaming; more importantly, people are living their dream.

I am a change agent. I am a facilitator of change. I am empowered by my experiences, by those who have taught me, by those who have gone before me. I am strengthened by those who are prepared to share themselves with me. And I pledge to do the same. I will offer my thoughts, my words, my experiences, my actions, my intentions, to those who wish to share in the process of moving from good to great.

For those who wish to gain momentum, speed, clarity, propensity, propulsion, use me. Come and join me. Support the cause to facilitate the evolution of humanity --- from good to great.

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  1. I have been listening to you on the radio for past few weeks and just checked out your blog today - Congrats! Really admire you for your strength, courage and actions taken. Thank you for sharing those experiences, thoughts... hope that I will find this an inspiration to empower myself to do something about my life!