The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Step Back Skill

Today on Lite FM 105.7 we discussed one of the most fundamental Neuro - Semantic skills - the step back skill. The basis of which is human beings have this amazing ability to think about our thoughts, reflect upon our feelings, review and analyze our actions. The process is virtual and never ending.

Every time we ask, "What was that about?" or "Wonder what I was thinking?" or "Assuming they will do that, let's see how we could..." we are stepping back. And when we do, we gain perspective. We buy ourselves time-space to respond in ways that benefit us and are to our best advantage.
Flip side? We charge in like a bull in a China shop. Whatever comes, comes. Wanna risk it?

Do you know we could also get other people to step back? We do this when we facilitate their sense of awareness about something, when we get them to consider other options, when we ask them to think about what the consequences may be, given their speech and actions.

How powerful is that! It's an amazing experience being a Neuro-Semantic coach.

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