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Monday, August 29, 2011

International Neuro-Semantics Conference in Grand Junction

Traveling to Grand Junction Colorado USA was an experience. Firstly we are in the throes of post 911 paranoia where security is so tight they want to squeeze you out of everything including your shoes. Then one has to remember Colorado is the mile high state because its capital Denver sits a mile high above sea level. Colorado is also tornado country. Arriving at Denver airport, I noticed their tornado shelters were also the men's and ladies' rooms!

By the time I arrived Grand Junction Country Inns, I had flown through Singapore, London, Denver, and then some. Luckily the conference delegates were warm, cool, and hot ~ this all rolled into one! *How fascinating!*

Wonderful weather. Lovely people and stimulating learning. *How fantastic!*
Looking forward to the next Int'l NS Conference ~ this time hosted by Kuala Lumpur in 2013.
So time to plan your holiday. Get ready to enjoy Malaysian hospitality ~ fine food, great adventure, and the best coach training in the world.

See pictures of Grand Junction ~ my first glimpse from inside the airport. Country Inns Conference Center. My presentation titled: Book Yourself Solid.

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