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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Transformation through Coaching

“Our conference is a few days away!” 
I am calling coaches, inviting them to participate by helping the organizing committee promote the event and also to come and show support for our Chapter.

“Why be part of this?” I ask.  “What could possibly enhance your capability as a coach and leader?”  “You have experience.  You know people.  Where’s one space where if you improved, would simply open up a world of opportunities in terms of progress for you?” 

As President of the International Coaching Federation Malaysia Chapter (ICFM) I also work hard to engage businesses in Malaysia.  You can imagine, not everybody buys into a new approach for communicating that enables possibility and potential. 

“What?  Ask my staff for feedback?  Allow people to share their opinion and get involved in making decisions?  Are you out of your mind?” one executive commented. 

Other bosses are happy just to listen, observe, and stay safely within their comfort zones.  After all, leadership development involves risk.  What if things change?  Oh dear, what if people actually become powerful?

People say I’m a different type of leader than others.  Okaaayyyy… I think I’m different because I don’t settle, and because I consistently choose to speak to people’s highest and best.  That means I can see past the excuses, bad habits, and the story telling.

I believe I play a role in getting people clear and reconnected to their purpose.  Once this happens confusion and self – doubt naturally fades away.  And when I help people get what they want; they reciprocate by contributing more.  Being a coach enables me to lead this way.  I don’t know any other type of professional who is specifically trained to do this.

What other approach empowers, encourages, and enables us to feel heard and important?  What type of relationship allows us to reflect and adjust for the best way to go forward?  Unlike therapy that deals with how to heal someone, coaching is solution – oriented and designed for positive change.  Most importantly, coaching holds people accountable to… going from good to great!

Today coaching is not a perk anymore, but a necessity.  I say this because developing human potential is the defining factor for any sustainable economy.  You and I know that for success, attitude is everything. 

The more we experience the gap between gender and generation, the wider the divide between understandings, expectations, values, and objectives, coaching as a means to engage, connect, and reconcile is the most effective way to communicate for desired outcomes.

Want me to elaborate?  Think Gen – X and Gen – Y.  Try dictating terms.  Younger leaders thrive on freedom, self – expression, innovation, and free enterprise.  They are global citizens connected through technology to business in real – time.

HR is focused on training.  We have the HRDF fund for this.  While training is about imparting mind knowledge, coaching is about taking that knowledge from mind… to muscle.  Coaching is about going from knowing… to doing… and being.

Tell me if you know the difference between someone who’s BEING a leader and another merely doing leadership stuff.  The answer lies in the type of result we can expect!  When we have a successful event, we may think, “good leadership.”  When we have a significant experience, we have GRRRREAT leadership!

A leader speaks to your heart and mind.  A leader walks their talk.  A leader is about making success available to all.  When someone is being a leader, we can speak of our experience with them in tangible, well – defined ways because all parts come together as one whole.  Coaching enables leaders to BE leaders.

How to create a “coaching culture” in your organization?  Modeling this culture requires a recipe and a unique skill that enables us to take a pattern that works and teach it to many without losing any quality in translation. 

They say, what we cannot measure, we cannot manage.  For this purpose, we need a benchmark.  We need a set of standards.  We need tried – and – tested training and mentoring that has an established track record; one that delivers and will continue to deliver the desired outcome – peak performance and sustainable development.
The ICF has this.

Why come to the conference?  Come and experience possibility conversations! 
Come and experience the shift from performance to meaning that will turn change into transformation.  High – income, high value is all about this.

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BE the change you want to see in this world. 

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