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Saturday, January 22, 2011

1st ever Neuro-Semantic Conference this July in Colorado

For the first time --- since Dr Michael Hall began developing the psychology of Neuro-semantics and self-actualization, now... his followers and NS practitioners totaling approximately 10 000 worldwide, are set to gather at the founding place - where Hall's work began.

This July 1 -3, in Grand Junction Colorado, 22 Neuro-semantic trainers, leaders, and Meta-Coaches will be presenting to the theme of: Actualizing Excellence.

The conference will have 3 tracks --- [1] Business [2] Personal Development [3] Coaching. It all boils down to [1] Skills and Competency development [2] Self Mastery [3] Business sense.
Neuro-semantic coaches and trainers are ranked highest in the world in terms of all three, thus making us the most sought-after, highly paid, most illustrious performers in our category anywhere in the world.

Michael Hall PhD, the founding father of Neuro-semantics holds incredibly high values around the development of what he calls the "community" of Neuro-semanticists. Camaraderie, professionalism, cooperation --- are hallmarks of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics.

Neuro-Semantics trainers and coaches today work at actualizing excellence in the fields of sports, business and entrepreneurship, leadership, human resource and organizational development, entertainment, negotiation and facilitation.

Neuro-semantics trainers and coaches are in the business of managing change and producing peak performance, facilitating through transitions, strengthening identity, and developing talent and competence.

Is your life made up of peak experiences?
Are you living your best life?

If not, it's time to find out more about neuro-semantics and the psychology of self-actualization
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