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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Malaysia - Australia Business

Larry Gould is the guy on my left and Michael Halpin is the fellow on my right.

Larry leads bilateral trade, investment and good relations between Malaysia - Australia from Aussie-land and Michael (who is British) leads
out from Malaysia.

My portfolio in the whole game is Media, Communications & PR. This photo was taken at a press interview about what our business council actually does and what outcomes we hope to achieve by the end of 2011.

PM Najib is expected to travel to Australia this March and the Malaysia-Australia Business Council will organize a trade and investment conference in conjunction with his trip. MABC will lead a trade delegation and conduct social and business matching activities for both parties.

Not only to promote business links but MABC plays the role of mediator, facilitator, and advocate between business, industry, and govt. In an ever increasingly competitive global market situation, every little bit of help becomes important. That little bit of "edge" and leverage can put you head and shoulders way ahead of others.

It's all about being our best, isn't it? That's what's important about life.
In the end, it's all about what you will be remembered for.

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