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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Malaysia's Economic Transformation Program or ETP

Malaysia Investment Development Authority or MIDA will organize INVEST MALAYSIA on April 13 - 14. This is set to be a biggie. Every year at an event like this, the PM announces something phenomenal.

Last year PM Najib launched the NEM (New Economic Model) where he expounded how Malaysia is to become a high income economy as opposed to it being a just low-cost manufacturing hub. That's where perception currently sits and as PM cum Finance Minister, Najib aims not only to change, but transform.

Malaysia will also host the FORBES CEO Global Conference Sept 12 - 14. Here Team Malaysia led by MIDA and Bursa Malaysia is set to review the deliverables - results from implementation of the ETP.

All this very important for the ruling govt in terms of credibility. Last year 30 Mar 2010 PM Najib launched NEM and spoke about Malaysia competing globally in the financial markets. It was then that Goldman Sachs was invited to set up shop in Malaysia and a host of other liberalizations announced. Talent Corp, Innovation Centres --- all strategies to grow and sustain.

Then what? So what?
So that... the public feel confident, FDI keeps growing, the people's needs, wants, and desires are responded to. Our need for safety and security --- physical safety (there is law and order and justice), psychological safety (knowing our voices will be heard and human rights protected), financial and economic security --- that will last not just for our time but for our children and their children.

Yes, so all eyes on Najib, his govt, and ETP deliverables. It's a big idea. Definitely an idea worth supporting. It means jobs, it means quality of life, it means peace

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