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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Energy is Contagious

Ever been invited to a ball and there was a mix-up with your seats? You stand there thinking, "How can I shrink enough so people don't see me looking like an idiot." Or been to a party and things didn't feel right... the hosts... you... somehow you didn't feel welcome.

What stuff do these feelings resonate with in us, that we begin to have thoughts of pain and insecurity? What needs of ours aren't being met when these situations occur?

That we want to feel significant, that we want to be noticed, and to belong is every human being's basic need. Without this we feel unsafe, unwanted, incomplete, inadequate. Without this we are almost in pain.

So what's the point? The point is what our intentions are. The point is how we want people to feel in our presence. Do we intend to make life a party? Or are we intent on dishing out pain?

The biggest shots and best among us are at fault. Have you noticed politicians who can't look you in the eye when they shake your hand. "Gimme your vote, you prick, but I don't really give a rat's ass about you."

Go to a diplomatic function and at the entrance the ushers tell you, "VIPs, turn right. Everyone else go left." Uh... would you kindly define for me the meaning of "VIP" please?
Being a protocol conscious society I understand full well, the titles and references for those with authority. At govt events, it's all pretty standard. But in a hall with clear boundaries... I don't know.

What's the real point? I'm saying think about how you want people to think and feel about you. Every moment you're with others, you're developing your personal brand. You cannot not communicate!

Just observe your breathing around certain people. With some you feel like your back is up. And your breathing becomes quick and shallow around them. With others, you feel totally relaxed. You feel centered. You feel grounded. You feel like yourself.

What is your energy saying about you? About the way you live your life? About the people you're spending time with?

Big question: What type of life do you want?

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  1. Those scenarios will never happen to me because I generally avoid public gatherings where I cannot be a significant contributor to events or elements. I'm a hardcore introvert.

    It's true we cannot not communicate. But I don't think people need to be too preoccupied about what other people will think of them. Like you mentioned, just be ourselves. If someone starts making us feel uncomfortable just use that opportunity to reflect on what lesson this person is trying to bring to me. If I don't feel strong enough, I walk away. If I feel strong enough I try and balance the energy because the other person's effect on me is a signal about something I need to work on about myself.