The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you can't commit, quit!

The topic makes something sound wrong, doesn't it? And that could be my perception!

What do you do when someone comes across as wanting something so badly but isn't prepared to put in the time or work to get it? What if they want something bad enough but just won't commit?

While all that "not doing" is going on, these folks have it tucked away somewhere that the world owes them. So off they go, whining and complaining how come things aren't "naturally"
falling into place. Blame, whimper. Blame, whine. And so it goes.
It's anybody's fault but theirs.

It gets worse.
When someone else gets the goodies - the promotion, the good word, the pat on the back, just watch these guys go... go sour. Gripe, gripe. Mumble Grumble. Then they do everything in their power to spoil. Passive agressives, some call them. Stick in the mud.

Don't do, so step aside you'd think, right? Nope.
They kick their heels in, fold their arms, pout and stare daggers at anyone who's done a halfway decent job and wants to get moving. But not through them. Not if they can help it.

Heard the phrase, "over my dead body?" Sometimes, these people just need to be put down so they get the message. Step aside buddy. Vacate. Relocate.

Then I really must kneel down and thank my lucky stars how good a life I have. For these poor sods must really be unhappy chappies to have their knickers so twisted up they can't see the fun in life. Life must really taste sour that they need to spout their misery all over the place.

I believe we can only ever give away what we have. And when we have "sour" inside that's what we'd taste to others. What have you got inside that you're giving out each day and everyday?
What taste of yourself do you leave on the tongues of others? Sweet or sour?

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