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Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're in the Money!

Never thought I'd ever be in the money business. The subject, even the mention of the word used to make me uncomfortable. I guess it's because our family never had any. Money was for those who were unscrupulous. For those who sold their souls and did what the devil wanted. Money was not for the pure of heart.

Well at least that's what I believed. Any wonder why I had trouble making some?

Whenever I came into money (any money at all) it seemed the age old adage, "A fool and his money is always parted" rang true. It didn't seem possible for me to hold on to it. I spent it... and quick! Of course the pleasure from money was then short lived.

Now I am a director of Peak Prosperity Consulting, a company set up for the purpose of helping investors make money by understanding the markets and learning about how they work. The work we do helps people make sense of what's going on in the global financial, and socio - economic scenario and then rationalizes how best to invest - according to their aptitude, and with the objective of becoming financially free.

Only too many people jump in driven by all the wrong reasons. They are especially motivated by greed. A lethal combination when added to ignorance and impatience.

Once we make some noise about how things can be done intelligently, slowly, and pro-actively, without losing sight of the goals, we hope to free so many who are leashed to unhealthy relationships - advisers, institutions, and to the stuff of money itself.

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