The Size of Your World is the Depth of Your Consciousness

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When Spirit and I are One

The subject of my "higher self" had always puzzled me, and for the longest time I looked to read, asked to find out about this... phenomenon.

It was easy enough to forget, as my work required me to be "right here right now" present, engaged, and attentive. "Gimme the low down on this, the real - time statistics on that, get feedback from the grassroots..." were the usual commentary I had to deal with. You can see, very little actually took place at the higher level. Perhaps all the decisions --- but seldom did that involve me.

In the boardroom, stakeholders wanted proof, empirical data, tangible fact. Nobody had time for touchie - feelie extra - sensory perception. That all was saved for the dreamers. Movers and shakers wanted cold hard evidence.

Then how did the topic re - introduce itself? After living "active and reactive," learning that this lifestyle was really nothing short of comical nonsense... (eg. it had all to do with impatience, not patience, intolerance, not tolerance, prejudice, not non - judgment) you can imagine years of feeling unsettled, disassociated, and stuck really needed to find an escape.

Something within me wanted to be unleashed. I wanted out. Uh huh. Out of what, from where, you ask. Who exactly wanted out? I dunno. But this "thing" would not stop bugging.

"It" settled only when my own neediness reduced and my generosity increased. Well, that's long after I began to recognize what was happening and when.

Now I know the higher self is the self that is connected to the best version of you. This "part" of the self is in fact the you that is God. Uh huh. As we are one with the Divine, we are Divine. Because whatever is in the presence of the Divine is enveloped in light. We have no choice but become infused with that which is greater than us.

You mock me? Let me show you how easy it is if you follow these steps

[1] Accept that something greater, higher, more powerful than life exists.
If you don't, you will come to this conclusion anyway. As the Sufi poets say,
"First you say you are a non - believer until you learn that you are God"

[2] Invite Spirit in. To do this, all you do is surrender to the Force. Say,
"I am too weak to manage and so I turn my life over to you who is greater than me"

[3] Wait and Listen. And as soon as you align with both acceptance and invitation,
Spirit comes and lights the fire of your soul. And everything impossible becomes
possible. There is no more fear, only comfort. No more needing, only giving.

And when this is achieved and the self, realized... in union with Spirit, all life becomes a thing of joy, forever.

I invite you into Spirit. Let us become one in the collective consciousness.
There are no boundaries, only infinite possibility

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