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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LiteFM Radio on Mondays - "Get A Grip" with Tessie Lim

Dr Michael Hall said, "You must be the only one who coaches the media."

To be honest, I hadn't actually thought about it that way. I guess so... because my weekly column in the Sunday Times, Life&Times section is mostly about coaching for self - actualization. Well, actually it's all about coaching for self - actualization because self - actualization has it's applications --- in leadership, relationships, communication, business and enterprise, health and fitness, financial intelligence and wealth creation etc.

Then I do radio - I had a radio show called, The Office on Business FM 89.9 last year for about 3 months and will do radio again this July on LiteFM Radio. My show is called, Get A Grip with Tessie Lim will be on every Monday between 715 and 9am.

My Value Proposition
On Get A Grip, we would discuss HOW TO ACHIEVE
because Self - Actualization & Personal Excellence must lead to success and achievement
otherwise what for???

All talk, no action = no use!

Many (many) people can talk. They spout information. Ideas. Principles. They talk about WHAT
But they are seldom able to tell you HOW.

Our audience when they listen, will learn HOW. But only after they understand WHY.
Because only when it's important to us to know, only then we take the trouble to know.

So we must give listeners a REASON to tune in.

The reason is because we can

[1] Help them solve problems
[2] Show them a way out of their problems
[3] Understand why it is a problem
[4] Help them design options
[5] Give them courage confidence freedom to say, "I can!"

So... Malaysia, ready or not, here I come.
Deep breath, onward ho and off we go.

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