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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Peak Performance Peak Prosperity

Infinitus Opulentia or Infinite Opulence is the tagline or battle cry for my new business.
You see, people don't really care what I say or do. What they want is more money. They pay attention if what I do makes them more money, teaches them tools to make more money, or gives them insight on how to make more efficient use of their money.

Tough but true. For the softer among us, we may substitute money with love and sex, admiration, power, and authority.

So this business called Peak Prosperity Consulting Pte Ltd does just that. It teaches people how to make more money from the money they already have. We help people invest - wisely.

Putting all my experience together with that of friends who have all gotten "burnt" in the last few financial debacles - subprime and whatever else they are called, we decided to create a company that makes things safe and simple. In so doing, we take the fear out of the word investing.

While you're making more money, you're also learning how stuff works, which is great because these hoity - toity banks seldom teach you anything!

So there! That's my latest venture and my contribution to your financial freedom.

If I can do it, so can you.

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