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Monday, June 28, 2010

What makes a flower grow?

It's the end of June. We're 6 months into the year. Whoof! Time went --- just like that!

So it is time for me to reflect and review my life in all aspects. My career and profession, my intellectual development, time to take stock of my relationships, partnerships and collaborations, review my financial position, check my emotional balance, my spiritual expansion, health and fitness etc.

Some areas good. Check. Some areas trailing behind. Others are in need of some real "kick in the butt" revamp. What happens then is --- stress. "Oh dear, how will I get all that reorganized in this short time? It'll soon be July, then August...

Meantime I must deliver this, do that, and close that deal."
More anxiety.

Suddenly I remember the book I picked up last weekend. Title: What makes a flower grow. Beautiful flower on the cover; I turn the page thinking I'd read about soil, fertilizer, greenhouse, water... but no.

The question is posed again, this time a little child is looking up at her daddy. In all innocence, she asks, "Daddy what makes a flower grow?" "The same power that makes a baby, that gives you the life you have; the same Intelligence that lets you breathe the same time you sleep, and grow, and dream."

And then I say to myself, let me get out of my own way. Let me surrender to that Maestro whose orchestra plays so the cosmos can dance and the birds can sing. Let me allow That which is greater than me to manage my destiny. Let me trust in that power that makes a flower grow.

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